The Pennsylvania National Horse Show presents:

The Claire Mawdsley Scholarship and Rider Recognition Program

• Rewarding exhibitors in the Junior Hunter Divisions who attend a traditional "brick & mortar" high school on a full-time basis.
• Scholarships and ribbons awarded to the top-placing eligible exhibitors.

• 2022 Recipients:  SMALL: Madeline Rubin (Champion), Elizabeth Rinehart (Reserve)
                                  LARGE: Kellsey Stern (Champion), Ava Swords (Reserve)

• 2021 Recipients:  SMALL: Madeline Rubin (Champion), Reynolds Cole (Reserve)
                                  LARGE: Meira Liebman (Champion), Abigail Arnold (Reserve)

Not awarded in 2020

• 2019 Recipients:  SMALL: Elizabeth Cram (Champion), Grace Blum (Reserve)
                                  LARGE: Katia Cannon (Champion), Jordan Toering (Reserve)

2018 Recipients:  SMALL - Ainslee Gregg (Champion), Mary McDaniel (Reserve)
                                  LARGE - Jordan Toering (Champion), Nicole Dorwart (Reserve)

2017 Recipients:  SMALL - Emma Wujek (Champion), Claire Azar (Reserve)
                                  LARGE - Olivia Yukon (Champion), Leah Toscano (Reserve)

2016 Recipients:  SMALL - Lauren Deen (Champion), Bergen Sanderford (Reserve)
                                  LARGE - Bergen Sanderford (Champion), Lauren Watts (Reserve)

2015 Recipients:  SMALL - Kelsi Okun (Champion), Reese Bobo (Reserve)
                                  LARGE - Bergen Sanderford (Champion), Kelsi Okun (Reserve)

2014 Recipients: Claudia Freeman, Emma Waldfogel, Kelsi Okun and Quinn Larimer


New ...

Bigger Awards!!! Two horses will be recognized as the "Claire Mawdsley Scholarship Small or Large Junior Hunter Champion" and will each receive a scholarship check in the amount of $2,500, a Champion ribbon and prizes. The Reserve riders in each height group will also be recognized with a Reserve Champion ribbon and prizes.
Eligible riders for scholarship consideration will include the 3'3" Small Junior Hunter division, the 3'3" Large Junior Hunter Division as well as the regular four Junior Divisions – Small Younger, Small Older, Large Younger and Large Older.


Support the Scholarship

Donations accepted at any time. For More Information contact Tom Brennan: