The Pennsylvania National Horse Show Foundation is led by a volunteer board of directors. Besides being the governing body, directors assist with finding sponsors and also volunteer at the show.

Honorary Chairman
Honorable Governor Tom Wolf




1st Vice Chair
2nd Vice Chair

Executive Director



Max Hempt
David Schlosberg
Susie Baker

Richard Hornberger
Rebecca Kinsley
Susie Shirk


Garland Alban
Ralph A. Alfano, III
Chance Arkelian          

Susan Baker
Thomas Brennan
Thomas Bross   
Missy Clark     
Matt Cyphert              
G. Lewis Davey  
Gary Duffy

Tim Gougen                        
Max Hempt                   
Richard Hornberger        
Rebecca Kinsley    
Frank Madden                             
Collin F. McNeil              
Streett Moore 
Lexis E. Mowery              
Judith Patton
Mike Rosser
David Schlosberg
Don Stewart 
Jimmy Torano                      
Douglas Wheeler           
Tom Wright